Andrew Garfield has defending the use of method acting in films, saying there's a "misconception" about the technique.

"I’m kind of bothered by the misconception, I’m kind of bothered by this idea that 'method acting is fucking bullshit,'" the 39-year-old actor said on Marc Maron's 'WTF' podcast.

"People are still acting in that way, and it’s not about being an asshole to everyone on set. It’s actually just about living truthfully under imagined circumstances, and being really nice to the crew simultaneously, and being a normal human being, and being able to drop it when you need to and staying in it when you want to stay in it."

The use of method acting has been a hot topic as of late around Hollywood circles. 'Stranger Things' star David Harbour said he was firmly against it, calling it "silly" and "dangerous."

But Garfield seems to think that it can produce results, despite the naysayers. Continuing the conversation on 'WTF', the actor recalled his "incredibly spiritual experience" on the set of Martin Scorsese's 'Silence'.

"I did a bunch of spiritual practices every day, I created new rituals for myself," said Garfield, who played a 17th century Jesuit priest.

"I was celibate for six months, and fasting a lot, because me and Adam [Driver] had to lose a bunch of weight anyway," he added. "It was very cool, man. I had some pretty wild, trippy experiences from starving myself of sex and food at that time."

Garfield stars in 'Under the Banner of Heaven', available to stream now on Disney+.