Well, that's the starting bid. It's entirely possible it'll go even higher than that.

The movie-used X-Wing miniature is just one of several pieces of film memorabilia that's up for auction later this month for huge sums of money. Amongst the items up for auction includes...

- George Lucas' leather-bound third draft of Star Wars' script: $4,750 is the highest bid so far

- A BlasTech E-11 prop gun, used in Star Wars: A New Hope, is currently bidding at $20,000

- Mark Hamill's khaki suit from The Empire Strikes Back: $10,000

- An illuminated model of the Death Star used in Star Wars: A New Hope, which has a starting bid of $8,000

- A production binder from Star Wars: A New Hope, is currently bidding at $2,500

It isn't just Star Wars memorabilia that's up for sale, either. The collection also has an actual playing card used in Apocalypse Now ($300), one of the animatronic eggs used in Aliens ($15,000), Sylvester Stallone's boxing boots from Rocky II ($20,000), one of the original shooting scripts from John Carpenter's The Thing ($400 - actually considering this one), one of the bikes used in ET ($2,000) AND the crappy cowboy suit that Michael J. Fox wore in Back To The Future III (that's a whopping $30,000).

There's a huge array of stuff up for sale, some surprisingly affordable whilst others not so much. If you want to own a piece of film history, check out the full list.


Via invaluable.com