The steps leading up to Philadelphia's Museum Of Art - which are actually called the Rocky Steps - are a pivotal part of the movie's continuing legacy.

You can't have a training montage parody in a film without the music and someone running up a flight of stairs, wearing a hoody and sweating through every visible pore while you're doing. However, the scene itself is now being recreated - with a twist - for Creed 2.

On-set footage shown above from the film shows Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu - who'll play Ivan Drago and son, respectively - working their way up the famous steps as part of his training montage. It's an interesting reversal, not only because Rocky did that himself, but Ivan Drago's training montage in Rocky IV was all about how technologically advanced it was.

Nothing says socialist scientific superiority like readouts, cardio-training in skintight lycra and driving synths. Everybody knows that.


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