The very lovely Amy Adams has signed up for the romantic comedy, Leap Year, which will be set predominantly in Ireland. Adams' will play a woman who sets out to propose to her boyfriend (who we're assuming is Irish) on a leap year, by paying him a surprise visit to Dublin. But this being a romantic comedy, high-jinx ensues when the weather is crap, forcing her plane to land and she has to travel across the country with a "surly innkeeper". With the success of P.S. I Love You opening up a whole new level of romanticism with Ireland, another romantic comedy being set here was something of a given. But this film is being penned by the writers behind Made of Honour; which didn't so much offer a stereotypical view of Scotland, but embrace it like it was an only son going to war - and that had a British director! The male lead, nor the director have yet been set; but the usual Colin Farrell rumours are beginning to circulate - despite him having never done a romantic comedy. Adams is a fantastic actress, let's hope the script gives her something to work with.