It's official, Domhnall Gleeson has graduated to the big leagues, America is now full on in love with him and we may wave goodbye to our most beloved Irish ginger (sorry Brendan, you're a close second) as they attempt to steal him forever and claim him as their own. How are we defining 'the big leagues'? Why he's earned himself a feature all of his own on Buzzfeed, which of course translates as very probable global domination. They've come up with 15 reasons why you'll never look further than this chap to meet your ginger needs. But we already knew how amazing he was so just BACK OFF.

Young Gleeson stole their hearts most recently in About Time, in which he stars as the most adorable Tim, to Rachel McAdams' Mary (I defy you to watch it and not fall head over heels in love with BOTH of them. Come to think of it, if they Gleeson, can we adopt McAdams? We may be willing to overlook this whole thing, in that case). If you were anti-Gleeson before (not that that's possible, what's wrong with you?) you'll definitely be a fan upon watching him banter with ease alongside Bill Nighy and it's very likely that you'll also cry.

Before that he'd already charmed the pants off them in Harry Potter and if they've seen any of his Immaturity for Charity or Your Bad Self videos they'll never let him out of their sight again. Boo you whore, America, he's ours.


This X-Men video has to be one of our all time favourite Domhnall Gleeson moments:


While this Immaturity for Charity video in which the two Gleeson's prove their comedic chops once more is also pretty freakin' hilarious.

And of course there was the time when I interviewed him myself and did everything in my power not to slide off my seat.