Disney are reported to have expressed an interest in making a sequel to the 2010 Tim Burton film and have ordered a script to be written for Alice in Wonderland 2.

The film starred Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway and Tim Burton regulars Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter. Despite being a bit of a disappointment, the movie still took in over a billion dollars at the box office and, as is often the case, this seems to be the reason for the sequel. The studio have ordered a script from Linda Woolverton who wrote the screenplay for the first film and has also previously written for other Disney films Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Incredible Journey and Homeward Bound. The plot for the second film is being kept under wraps but it has been rumoured that it will follow Through the Looking Glass - the follow up to Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll.

Chief technical staff member Andy Hendrickson spoke out recently about the first film saying 'The story isn't very good, but the visual spectacle brought people in droves. And Johnny Depp didn't hurt'. It remains to be seen if Tim Burton will return to direct the film or if Depp will reprise his role of the Mad Hatter.