Although the film isn't out yet, Lucasfilm are clearly taking a leaf out of Marvel Studios' playbook and locking down the on-screen talent for multiple films.

It makes sense, given how hugely successful the films tend to be and how actors are very often cast off the back of them and the necessity of ensuring that they're available for shooting when needed. The other side of it, however, is that a lot of these deals are usually kept quiet as it can often give away endings knowing that characters survive, or even just the whole arc of a story.

So it goes with Alden Ehrenreich, who's been selected to play Han Solo in the upcoming prequel story on the infamous smuggler. During an interview with Esquire, the actor let slip that he's signed on for three movies as Solo - but stopped short of specifying anything beyond that. Given the tumultuous production around Solo: A Star Wars Story, it's hard to know if there'll even be two more movies with the character.

While it's true that Lucasfilm are looking to vastly expand the amount of times Star Wars appears at your local cinema, whether or not Alden Ehnreich and Han Solo feature in it remains to be seen. Let's not forget that Samuel L. Jackson signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel / Disney, and the most he had in all of them was an extended cameo, bar maybe The Winter Soldier.

While the idea of Han Solo cropping up in a cameo seems a bit odd, it'd make sense if the long-awaited Boba Fett / bounty hunter spinoff story happens. For now, we'll just have to wait and see how Solo: A Star Wars Story pans out with audiences and box offices worldwide.

The film opens in Irish cinemas on May 24th.


Via Esquire