Billboards for the movie were rejected while a TV ad has also been prohibited from being aired.

Ad agencies in St Petersburg refused to put up billboards for Bad Moms due to sexual implications in the slogan.

Reportedly, the caption on the ad read ‘Do you want some Kunis?’, with the leading actress’ surname bearing resemblance with the Russian word for ‘cunnilingus.’

According to the Hollywood Reporter, St Petersburg legislator Vitaly Milonov, known for his conservative views, praised the ban and said the ad agencies were ‘saving the city’s pride.’

‘We couldn't care less about the distributor's interests and opinion,’ he said. ‘St Petersburg is the cultural capital, and you shouldn't bring all kinds of trash here.’

A major Russian television station has also declined to air a commercial for Bad Moms on day time TV due to ‘sexual content’, pointing to a shot in which Kunis' character strokes a male torso.

Such actions, however, have been aimed solely at advertising for the movie as the film itself has not been banned from theatres in Russia.

Via Hollywood Reporter