And just like that a whole gagle of teenage girls suddenly found themselves concerned with Star Wars Episode 7. Alex Pettyfer (y'know, the aesthetically pleasing, ab-tastic young'fleh who got our knickers in a collective twist after stripping down to his tighty whities alongside Channing Tatum in Magic Mike? Yeah, HIM.) is apparently in talks for a role in JJ Abrams' next venture.

As per the Latino Review, also in the running for major role is Rachel Hurd-Wood. Should she make the cut, she'll star as Princess Leia's daughter. You're probably not overly familiar with her name, unless you were a fan of her turn as Wendy in the 2003 Peter Pan flick.

As for Pettyfer, the jury's out on the specifics of his would-be role, however these folk predict that he'd star as Skywalker's son, ever since Ryan Gosling was offered and subsequently rejected the chance to play the same role.