It's really difficult to describe just how groundbreaking Blair Witch Project was when it was first released all the way back in 1999.

Sure, found-footage wasn't necessarily a new genre and the whole 'Is it real or not' question had come once or twice before with certain, obscure films - but none managed to get that crossover appeal like Blair Witch.

A diabolically-bad sequel, several Scary Movie parodies and a string of copycats later and Blair Witch has been more or less consigned to the dustbin of movie history.

However, recent reports suggest that it might be making a comeback in some form.

Adam Wingard, the brains behind The Guest - one of our top films of 2014 - and You're Next, is said to be working on a third Blair Witch film with co-conspirator Simon Barrett.

This tracks with rumours we heard a while back that the original directors were attempting to get a third one up and running.

So, let's talk - is it actually worth doing? Found-footage as an idea is essentially played out now.

Sure, Paranormal Activity might have rejigged the concept somewhat and kicked it on for another five or six films, but it's fast becoming stale. Very stale.

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, on the other hand, are better than going back to horror. Both of them need to be given money - real money - to make a film.

Look at The Guest. It was made on a small budget and it was just fantastic. Imagine what would happen if they were given a good bit more?

Blair Witch, while an interesting idea when it first came out, just doesn't have the legs or the cultural cache to make a comeback.

We say leave this one be.


Via Bloody-Disgusting