Warrior did for MMA what Rocky did for boxing back in the '70s. It's that simple.

It humanised the sport, made it relatable to audiences who had little or no knowledge of it and filled with exceptional performances and strong directing. For our money, it's Gavin O'Connor's best work and easily the defining film about the sport as well. However, despite all these attributes, Warrior was only a middling success at the box-office and garnered only one nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Nick Nolte.

Making just $23.1 million against its $25 million budget, a sequel seemed unlikely - although Gavin O'Connor has kindled some hope for it. "“We’ve had some talks about that. Me and the actors," said O'Connor in a recent interview with ScreenRant.

O'Connor went on, saying that "more than any movie I’ve ever made, I have a weird…there’s an amazing following of rabid fans, more than anything I’ve ever done. And I’d say that’s probably my most personal movie. So I’m really grateful and, y’know, maybe we’ll do another one!”

When you consider how MMA and, in particular UFC, has ballooned since Warrior's release, it'd make sense to try and take a swing at a sequel for it. Of course, it's early days yet and the likelihood is that it won't be coming any time soon, but it's still pretty cool to know that it's being talked about.


Via ScreenRant