Although you may have watched some performances and thought to yourself, "My God, that's robotic," now you can say it and actually mean it.

Tony Kaye, who directed 'American History X', has cast an artificial AI robot for the lead in his next movie, '2nd Born'. According to a statement given to Deadline, Kaye and his producers are planning to use a real-life, artificially intelligent robot who'll be trained in acting methods and are even trying to get the robot a SAG card for their work.

'2nd Born' is intended to be a sequel to an indie comedy, '1st Born', which starred Val Kilmer, Tom Berenger and Denise Richards and followed two first-time grandfathers, played by Berenger and Jay Abdo. Currently, there's no release date for '2nd Born' and it's highly likely that this is all just some elaborate stunt, but then again, it may just be that we're facing into a new era of motion-capture and performance.

This is one of those moments where 'Futurama' probably got it right more than we realise.