This has the potential to be really great.

While Farrell has moved onto more indie productions lately with the likes of The Lobster and the upcoming The Killing of a Sacred Deer (another Yorgos Lanthimos production), what he was better known for back in the 2000s were high-octane thrillers such as Phone Booth and Miami Vice.

Concurrently, Denzel Washington has also moved onto more serious projects, such as the recent Fences for which he is an Oscar nominee, but he still does action-thrillers like Unstoppable, Safe House, 2 Guns, and The Equalizer, the latter of which has inspired a sequel.

We figure, put these guys together and only good (and by good, we mean explosive) things can happen.

The upcoming project is called Inner City and it’ll be the second film directed by Nightcrawler helmer Dan Gilroy. Gilroy has several writing credits to his name, including Nightcrawler, Real Steel, The Bourne Legacy, and the upcoming Kong: Skull Island. He’ll also write the script for Inner City.

The film centres on an awkward, reclusive lawyer, to be played by Washington, who has worked as a legal researcher in Los Angeles for decades. When his mentor passes away, he is recruited by a prestigious and more cutthroat law firm where he stumbles upon a case that changes his entire life.

Farrell will play the slick, money-focused lawyer who recruits the researcher to his firm.

The film is currently in pre-production, with filming slated to begin in March.