The Shining is up there, in our opinion, as probably the greatest horror movie ever made and easily one one of Stanley Kubrick's most recognisable works.

For years, there's been rumours of an extended cut that never saw the light of day which included a deleted scene from the ending. The story goes that Kubrick then requested the prints be cut by projectionists and the clips returned to him, which he then burnt. However, a print has resurfaced with the ending intact that is now going up for auction for the hefty sum of $3,700. Not only that, the actual red corduroy jacket that Jack Nicholson wore when he went on his kill-crazy rampage is up for sale with a price tag of over $12,000.

The extended cut of The Shining, however, is an interesting one. Kubrick never meant for anyone to see it and if the eventual buyer ends up releasing it to the world, is that not in violation of Kubrick's wishes? It's the same argument people had over Prince and his back catalogue being made available online; something that was expressly against his wishes throughout his life.

Whether it gets released or not, of course, remains to be seen - but knowing that it's out there may spur Warner Bros. into action to make a grab for it.

You can check out the full auction list here.


Via Aste Bolaffi