Although 'The Predator' is now in cinemas, we all know, love and remember the 1987 classic directed by the Michael Bay of the '80s, John McTiernan.

The Honest Trailer treatment has, surprisingly, overlooked this paragon of '80s masculinity for many years but at long last, it's finally gotten the run-through. There's also references to the incredible action, beautiful horror and - of course - The World's Greatest Handshake in there, not to mention the team of misfits themselves.

Take a look.

Yes, they basically compared 'Predator' to 'Home Alone' and made a joke about 'The Expendables' - it makes sense when you think about it. Also, yes, that helicopter sequence is definitely problematic nowadays due to Blain's homophobic remar, but still - what a classic and, yes, it could absolutely be released again in cinemas.

Fox, if you're reading this, get on it.