Ah, the cinema – some would argue it’s the ultimate family day out. From the oh-so-comfy seats and eating your weight in popcorn to losing yourself in the latest blockbuster – what’s not to like? It’s the easiest and most fun way to keep the whole family entertained at the weekend.

And with the recent release of the family favourite 'Incredibles 2', we have compiled our five top tips to make your family cinema trip the best it can be this weekend.

1. Build Excitement
"We’re going to the cinema this weekend!" – these words can stir excitement amongst a family like no other. Milk it for all it’s worth and enjoy losing yourself in the excitement. Help the little ones research the best cinema for your day out and pour over all of the latest trailers to decide what to go and see.

2. Pick the Right Film
You’ve watched all the trailers – now it’s time to pick a film. Choosing the right movie is the pinnacle of your family cinema trip, so it’s important to get it right – no pressure!

Luckily, this weekend Disney has come to the rescue and have made your family film choice a no-brainer with Incredibles 2. Everyone has been talking about the second instalment of everyone’s favourite superhero family, and it lives up to the hype.

This time, the parenting roles are reversed, with Helen aka Elastigirl busy saving the world, while Bob aka Mr.Incredible stays at home with the kids; Dash, Violet and baby Jack-Jack. As you can imagine, this is a tough transition for the whole family, not helped by the fact that everyone is still unaware of little Jack-Jack’s emerging superpowers. If this doesn’t sound stressful enough, of course, a new villain needs to get involved. The family need to don their super-suits once again and work together to save the world.

3. Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks
Having a strong snack selection can significantly enhance your family’s cinema experience. It’s the time to indulge and eat as much as humanly possible. Treat yourself to large popcorns, your favourite fizzy drinks, copious amounts of pick ‘n’ mix and if you’re feeling fancy get yourselves some nachos. We strongly encourage the mantra ‘treat yo self’ when it comes to cinema snacking.

4. Pick Your Seats
Picking your seats beforehand makes your family cinema trip so much more comfortable and stress-free. Avoid the unpleasant experience of straining your necks from the front row and get pre-booking those back row and middle aisle seats. This will be where you and your family will be hanging out for a couple of hours; you want to ensure you’re all as comfortable as possible. If it’s a special occasion, why not treat the family to upgraded seats, which most cinemas now offer.

5. Post Cinema Activity
The credits have rolled, now it’s time to go home – or not! Make your family cinema trip a full day out and plan an activity for afterwards. Whether you go out for a family dinner or take a stroll through town, it will give you all some time to discuss your favourite parts of 'Incredibles 2' and debate over who is your favourite character!

'Incredibles 2' is showing now in cinemas nationwide.