Next Friday sees the release of upcoming Irish-set horror film In Fear (review HERE), and like many a scary movie before it, it sees the protagonists journey through their own personal hell via automobile. Cars have been a constant source of trouble for folk in scary flicks, so we've come up with our ten favourite car-centric thrillers and horrors for you to check out!


Directed by John Carpenter (The Thing, The Fog) and based on a book by Stephen King, Christine is about a car that is… well… evil. Yes, the car itself is evil! And when a youngish lad buys it, he finds he starts to turn a little bit evil himself!


Stunt-Man Mike (Kurt Russell) has a death-proof (hey, there's the title!) car, and likes nothing better than killing other drivers and passengers with it. Quentin Tarantino's half of the underloved GrindHouse project, this was his love letter to 70s horror films AND classic, CGI-less car chases.


Before Steven Spielberg made Jaws, he made this low-budget thrill-ride about a man (Dennis Weaver) who gets hounded he a large articulated truck, which we assume is being driven by a mad-man, even though we don't really get to see who's behind the wheel.


Whether you go with the Wes Craven directed 1977 original or the Alexandre Aja 2006 remake, the story is basically the same. A family are taking a cross-country driving holiday when they break down and get lost in a desert-y wilderness, and they are mostly certainly NOT alone.


A brother and sister are driving home on the college holidays, and they see something they probably wish they shouldn't have. Pretty soon they get chased across the state by … "something"… in a big old van.


Also known as Road Kill, this movie sees Paul Walker and Steve Zahn as two brothers who play a prank on the wrong person, a manic homicidal truck driver who then proceeds to make their lives a living hell. Although we would suggest giving the trailer a miss, as it pretty much gives away the entire movie.


A bit of a cheat, but we don't care 'cause this scene is awesome. Sidney and her mate are in the back of a police car, when the Ghostface killah pops up, kills the driver, and then crashes the car. With no other way out, the two girls must climb over the unconscious but still stabby bad guy to escape. Tense is not the word for it!


A group of friends go for a drive, their car runs out of gas, they check a near-by house to see if they have any spare, but there's a family of cannibals living there. It's a story as old as time itself, really. The 1974 is the most exhaustingly tense horror film ever, but the 2003 Jessica Biel-starrer is definitely one of the better remakes in the genre.


Three friends are driving across Australia, and visit the infamous Wolf Creek, a place famous for its odd goings on. When their car's engine breaks down unexpectedly, they get a lift back to town by a friendly stranger. Except he's not bringing them back to town, and he's not friendly. Prepare yourselves, this film is one nasty piece of work.


Another group of friends, another drive, and another set of inbred hunters who enjoy nothing more than chowing down on human flesh. The difference here is that Wrong Turn is more fun than it has any right to be, with some seriously inventive death scenes and some gloriously over-the-top make-up special effects work done.