With a week left the lead-up to Valentine's Day, we're looking at the sexiest scenes in movies ever. The only catch is there's no sex in them (you dirty dogs).

After all, thanks to censorship and the like, there have been plenty of sexy movie moments over the years which don’t involve actual sex. After all, often times erotic tension is all the more tantalising than the act itself.

We’ve picked ten of our favourite sex-less sexy movie scenes from a variety of genres over the history of film.


'Dirty Dancing'

Baby and Johnny slow dance after an emotional conversation where they lay their insecurities out on the table. We all wanted to be Jennifer Grey here.



Patrick Swayze, ever the romantic, features in this iconic scene too. Pottery making has never been more seductive.


'Basic Instinct'

So was it or wasn’t it..? We don’t know, and the not knowing is what makes it work.


'Dr No'

Others have tried to mimic this scene (Halle Berry recreated it in 'Die Another Day' while Jamie Dornan’s version in 'Fifty Shades Freed' was reportedly cut), but nothing can beat the original. Everything in this scene from Sean Connery’s facial expression to Ursula Andress’s nonchalant attitude is perfection.


'Cruel Intentions'

There are a lot of sexy scenes in 'Cruel Intentions', some involving sex, others not. However jaws dropped during this unforgettable kiss between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar.


'From Here to Eternity'

It’s a kiss that can easily give 'The Notebook' a run for its money and has been parodied by the likes of 'Airplane!', 'Shrek 2', and 'The Simpsons'.


'A Streetcar Named Desire'

Most people reference the Stella staircase scene when talking about 'A Streetcar Named Desire', but in the segment where Blanche first meets Stanley, Marlon Brando just oozes sex appeal. To put it in his own words, "Rarr!"


'True Lies'

Even with the stumble mid-dance (which Jamie Lee Curtis and James Cameron included to lighten up the scene), this strip tease from 'True Lies' is undeniably provocative.

Fun fact: That really is Arnold Schwarzenegger in the background. He didn’t know that Curtis was supposed to fall, so when he looks concerned for her, that’s a genuine reaction.



The hand against the car window is a renowned image from 'Titanic's steamy sex scene, but earlier in the film, the part where Jack paints Rose topless is pretty damn sensual.


'Out of Sight'

We previously picked 'Out of Sight' as our sexiest movie ever but this scene from it manages to remain sultry without including sex. Sure being stuck in the boot of a car with Jennifer Lopez or George Clooney would get anyone hot and bothered.