There are some actors that just ALWAYS seem to play the same role over and over again; the hero, the nice guy or gal, the kind of person who seems too nice to exist in the real world. But with some of these actors, we'd just LOVE to see what they could do if they let that guard down and went dark. Some of the best roles that eterna-good guy Tom Cruise had were when he was the bad guy, and we all know that playing the villain just looks like a whole lot more fun! These folk should definitely give it a try...

Really, he HAD to be top of this list. The closest he's ever come to playing someone of questionable intent was Hancock, and even then he was still a superhero with a drinking problem. There's no worries about his acting abilities, so if he could channel that into something bad, it'd be awesome. Maybe not a supervillain, but maybe not someone a million miles away from Michael Douglas in Wall Street.

While she didn't exactly create the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl, she is that particular brand of annoying female character's biggest contributor. How awesome would it be if she flipped that on its head, and turned out that this particular Manic Pixie Dreamgirl was, in fact, an absolute psychopath?! It'd make you like twice at the next hippie chick dancing in the rain, wouldn't it?

Cinema's Nicest And Least Offensive Man needs to scruff up his image a little bit, but it can go either way when funny guys try to go dark. Vince Vaughn did himself no favours with the remake of Psycho, but Robin Williams worked wonders with Insomnia and One Hour Photo. Rudd playing a similar socially inept weirdo would put a halt to us all getting dreadfully bored of his nice-guy act.

Okay, okay, we know what you're going to say, but bear with us. Remember The Devil Wears Prada? Remember how awesome Meryl Streep was in that role of Not Really Anna Wintour? Now, we're not saying that SJP is on an equal standing with Streep, but we do think that she would knock a role like that out of the park. Queen Bee Fashion B***h? That's the role she was born to play!

He's kind of played a bit of bad guy before in the likes of Twelve Monkies and Fight Club, but he's never actually gone out and out and been the full on bad guy, and we think he would totally rock it. There was talk of him playing Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2, and the idea of him playing some intellectual superior antagonist would be quite the thing to see!

We know she's barely started her career so there hasn't really been much room for her to go bad in the roles she's playing, but for an actress who seems so fearless, there's no time like the present to try something new! Call us pervs, but she would be absolutely perfect for a mid-90's sexy bad-girl role that used to go to the likes of Sharon Stone and Demi Moore.

SPOILER! Yes, he's played a bad guy before in What Lies Beneath, but that was also his most interesting role he's had in the last… what … twenty years? SPOILER ENDS! He's got all those decades of gravitas behind him, and between Han Solo and Indiana Jones, watching cinema's greatest hero turn properly, Bond-villain evil would be absolutely awesome.

We all love Emma Stone because she is adorable and funny, but there is an intensity behind those huge eyes that is going to waste and all these sweeter-than-pie characters she's playing. We're thinking a young Lady Macbeth, kinda like Amy Adams in The Master, but even nastier, and set in modern times so she can keep her deep red hair.

Three words for you: Bond Goes Bad. A lot of previous Bonds have gone dark before, to varying effects: Connery in The Avengers was terrible, but Dalton in Hot Fuzz was fantastic. Craig has the physicality to oppress, and those ice blue eyes are always showing that there's something going on upstairs. Imagine this… Whoever takes over as Bond after Craig, their first bad-guy they've to take down would be Craig's Bond gone rogue! Yes, we agree, that would be amazing.

She's played shades of grey before in the likes of 28 Days, Crash and All About Steve, but we'd like to see her go all the way over the edge. She's smart, physical, and still HELLA hot, so there's no major villain-ess that we couldn't see her play. Maybe drop her into a future Avengers Assemble sequel as some bad-ass super-power that wants to consume the world? The only problem is that everyone is so in love with Bullock, we'd probably end up siding with her.

Any you think we've missed? Comment below.