Cert: 3+
Platform: DS
Genre: RPG

Zelda games in general offer a solid performance; they tend to be engaging to its audience, have an epic feel and addictive game play. So, it's probably not too much to expect a decent game for its DS debut.

It doesn't disappoint. Filled with all the hallmarks of the Zelda games that have gone before it, TPH is a welcome addition to the DS family. They've made great use of the touch screen and microphone, and it's the perfect companion for long train journeys or when your missus is watching x-factor.

On the downside, as with all DS games, the music could be weaponised. Just do what you always do and turn it all the way down! Graphics are nice with a cuddly feel to them and the cut seems are mercifully short, (another pet peeve of my with DS and Wii games.)

While this has been out for some time, it is still fresh and would make a perfect stocking filler this festive season.

Rent or Buy: BUY
Graphics: 4/5 
Game Play: 4/5
Replay Value: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

Review By: Eamonn Cleary