It's been rumoured for quite a while, but now finally, it's been confirmed that Red Dead Redemption will be backwards compatible on Xbox One from this Friday.

Red Dead Redemption is, in on our mind anyway, Rockstar's greatest creation outside of the Grand Theft Auto series. Redemption had all the depth and texture of an actual Spaghetti Western and the gameplay was enough to draw you fully into the world. Even the voice-acting was pretty incredible.

So, what will the backward compatibility mean, in a nutshell? If you've got a copy of Red Dead Redemption or Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, you can now play them both on Xbox One. What's more, you can also purchase Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox One on the Windows Store.

No price-point has been set for Red Dead Redemption on the Windows Store, but it's currently on sale for €10.49 or €7.99 with an XBox Gold Membership. (Thanks to Stephen T for the heads up!)

Let's remind ourselves of just how immersive Red Dead Redemption was.



Via Rockstar Games