Oh, Gary Busey. There will never be anyone like you. Ever.

There is a laundry list of crazy stories about Gary Busey and, being honest, it's hard to know which is real and which isn't. However, this story is absolutely true and we've got video evidence to prove it.

As part of the new Hitman game, you now get the opportunity to murder Gary Busey in a variety of ways and with the help of Gary Cole. In the game, that is. In the game.

In Hitman, each new level is called an episode and are made available every couple of weeks to download. The latest episode, titled The Wildcard, sees Agent 47 sent to the Amalfi Coast to murder screen icon Gary Busey - who has pulled out of an expensive production and cost the producers millions in cash.

No, really. Take a look at the trailer and see.

As you can imagine, the episode / level is supposed to be more than a little tongue-in-cheek and the very idea of murdering Gary Busey with the help of Gary Cole is, frankly, just brilliant.

More videogames need to have you murdering well-known character actors in exotic Italian locations. There just isn't enough of them, to be honest.

The Wildcard / Elusive Target is available for a total of seven days, starting from July 21st, so if you've got Hitman, get cracking!