After a number of leaks over the weekend, Microsoft pulled the trigger and confirmed the release date and the price point for the Xbox Series X and the Series S.

The Xbox Series X will be priced at $499, while the Series S will be priced at $299, with a release date set for November 10th of this year. Pre-orders for both begin on September 22nd, with Xbox Game Pass being offered at $24.99 per month.

So, the question is - what's the difference between the Xbox Series X and the Series S, and is it worth an extra $200?

Well, that depends on whether or not you like 8K gaming or not. One of the major selling points for the Xbox Series X is its ability to handle 8K graphics. Not only that, the console is targeting 60 frames a second at 4K resolution.

The Series S, meanwhile, will have the same basic hardware, with a few reductions in places. It will, Microsoft hopes, render games comfortably at 1440p at 60 frames per second, potentially going as high at 120 frames per second.

It doesn't have an optical disk drive, meaning you'll have to download all games digitally. It also doesn't have the same amount of built-in storage as the Series X. It's also smaller than the Series X, but has the same peripherals, support for games, ports, and everything else.

You'll note that the prices we've quoted so far are US dollars. So far, Microsoft haven't set a price for Europe, but our guess is it'll convert to something in the region of €449 and €229 for the Xbox Series X and the Series S respectively.