The Microsoft consoles are well known for their sci-fi first-person shooters, be it the Gears Of War or Halo franchises, and despite the teasing presence of a potential Halo 5 on the horizon, there was an obvious gap in the market when the XBox One was released. And here to fill that gap (and much more besides) is Titanfall.

Released by EA (moving on) and created by new development team Respawn Entertainment (some of whom were involved with the Call Of Duty series), Titanfall looks like the kind of massive shoot 'em up we've all been dying for. Set on a war-torn planet, you pick a side between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corportation (IMC) or the Militia, and at the beginning of each mission twelve players are dropped into a zone and promptly need to kill their opponents. After a certain amount of time, their Titans can be dropped into the zone, and you scramble inside your giant robot (not terribly unlike Pacific Rim. Or the Power Rangers) and proceed to kill and destroy on an even great scale.

The frantic nature of the gameplay means you're going to have to be on your toes for the majority of the firefight, but thankfully you have your jet-pack assisted parkour (which has to be the coolest sentence we've ever written in our lives) while you're outside the Titan, and then once inside, you've got several inches of metal and big, feck off gun to play with.

The only issue is that this game is multi-player only, so if you're looking to enjoy some one-player time with this, think again. But Respawn have said that the multiplayer mode will feature some one-player elements, such as story missions and non-playable characters. And lets be honest, games with Call Of Duty and Battlefield were always best at their multiplayer modes anyway, so this seems like the next logical step.

Titanfall will be available on XBox One, XBox 360 and PC from March 14th 2014.