Cert: 3
Platform: Wii
Genre: Boardgame, Family

Released on Wii, Monopoly Collection Wii combines Monopoly & Monopoly Streets onto one disc.

Wii Monopoly is a near perfect lazy afternoon game for a family, you play the game by waving the Wii-mote a bit and then pressing A so almost anyone can play. The music is bouncy and really catchy and the game itself is just more fun that Monopoly has any right to be. The various boards are fun, I especially liked the sweet board where the streets are replaced with desserts and the board is a giant cake. The graphics are perfect for the Wii, everything is oversized and looks a lot like it's made of clay which counteracts the Wii's relative lack of power. When a piece moves along the board Uncle Pennybags runs after it and offers advice. It's a little touch but listening to an cheery man in a top hat talk about how exciting this game is just makes the whole experience more fun, and his commiseration make going to Jail just a little less annoying. There's no particular depth to this game but I think that's a strong point here, 4 people can sit around the TV and anyone can take part. The game rattles along a lot faster than I remember the board game taking, but there is still a bit of a time investment so don't be surprised if it takes up a good chunk of your afternoon.

The other game in the pack is Monopoly Streets. Game Wise it's Monopoly but it's zoomed in to show a 3D perspective of the game. Some of the good points hold here, the graphics are even better than the regular game and the music is still great but the controls just aren't as good. In regular Monopoly 4 people can share 1 controller but in Monopoly Streets you need a different controller for each players and you need to turn the Wii-mote on its side and try to use it as a regular controller. For a start the Wii mote just doesn't make a good controller in this layout, it's too narrow and deep and the buttons are just the wrong size. More importantly I only own 2 Wii-motes and I'll bet a lot of people are in a similar boat. Unless you own enough Wii-motes for everyone someone's getting left out and Monopoly is hardly a short game.

One brief word of warning before you buy this game, when I put the disc in there was a delay of about 30 minutes while patches were installed and that's easily enough to make some family members just get bored before they've even started. If you're planning to use this, put the disc in well beforehand and save yourself the trouble. But still buy this game it's great fun. Easy to play, looks great, sounds great, playable by anyone and you'll come back to it time and again. A really great Wii family/social game.

Rent/Buy: Buy
Graphics: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Replay: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Reviewed by: Tony O'Hare