As anyone with any kind of interest in gaming can tell you, The Last Of Us was THE game to play in 2013. Not only did yours truly grant it Best Game Of The Year, but so did most other video-game magazines and websites. After Grand Theft Auto V, it was the biggest selling game of last year on the PS3, and the only drawback was that it did, eventually, have to end.

At least for a little. As now it's time for The Last Of Us: Left Behind...

Featuring Ellie from the main game, and her childhood friend Riley, who has gone on to become a member of the Fireflies, Left Behind sees the two friends reunited, and searching through an abandoned shopping mall. For what? We don't know yet? Why has Riley been missing for so long? We're sure we'll find out soon enough. How will it all end? Well, Left Behind is a prequel to the main game, and anyone paying attention while playing that will probably be able to figure at least some of this out. No spoilers here, but lets just say a lot of things will change for Ellie during Left Behind.

Naughty Dog - the creators and developers of The Last Of Us - have announced that Left Behind will be the first and ONLY (sad face) additional content they'll be making for the hit game, but they have added a few tweaks to the gameplay to make sure it is a must-buy.

The Last Of Us: Left Behind will be available to buy online from February 14th.