It's not long now until Watch_Dogs is released, and they've saved one of the best pieces of promo for last.

The premise of Ubisoft's next big release, Watch_Dogs, is that you take on the role of Aiden Pearce, a man with the power to hack into the city's central grid and control everything, from traffic lights to ATMs and CCTV cameras. In the run up to the games release, they decided to put that power in the hands of a few ordinary people on the street, and what resulted was one of the better pieces of promo we've seen for a game. 

The premise sees regular folks going in to a store to get their smartphones repaired, and then getting a special 'Hack' app installed that allows them to hack into anything, just like Aiden in the game, and all seems to be going well...until they try it on the traffic lights.  

Obviously a whole lot of work went in to setting up the stunt, so you can check out a behind the scenes look at it too. 

Watch_Dogs is released on the 27th of May across all consoles and PC, so get booking your holidays sooner rather than later