Ah, the '90s. Was there ever a more glorious time?

This video of Sega of America's QA / Testing Department was originally supposed to introduce potential candidates to the company culture, but now it's more closer to a time-capsule than anything else.

As well as having a cracking soundtrack of early '90s grunge like Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pavement (we think), it's also got many of the key signifiers of the era. For one, it's got that VHS haze, incredibly dodgy haircuts, Seinfeld posters lurking in the background and - of course - MTV-style references every five minutes.

It's just great, really. 

More than anything, the video shows just monotonous and tedious games testing can be. Naturally enough, we all think that games testing is one of the best jobs out there. You get to play games for a living, right?

Not so, of course. You've got logging, recreating the fault, testing each and every facet and you've even got to play games that - shocker - you genuinely don't like. It's pretty fascinating to see how the process works, even if it is over (sigh) twenty years ago.

Man, we're old.


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