The iconic shots of James Gandolfini driving down the Jersey turnpike, cigar in hand, makes for one of the most memorable TV openings of all time, and one YouTuber has made a brilliant reworking of it, GTA V-style

Having recently started watching The Sopranos from the start of Series One again, we've been seeing the opening montage of Tony on the turnpike plenty over these past few weeks, and this version, made by YouTuber 8-Bit Bastard is a stunningly accurate homage to that great intro, we must admit. 

Although there are a few small differences in that the game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos (which is essentially Los Angeles), there was clearly a huge amount of effort put in to finding locations that would be as close as possible to the original, which makes this so brilliant. 

The split screen of the two side by side is equally as impressive, which you can look at by heading just over here.Yes, you will be singing the theme tune all day, sorry.