We've been following the lead-up to Overwatch and, we've got to say, we like what we're seeing so far.

More than anything, Overwatch seems to be following the suit of Doom - a well-meaning ode to the classic first-person shooter genre. We haven't had a chance to play it yet, of course, but everything we're seeing looks quite positive.

With the launch now only a few days away, the last of Overwatch's animated shorts has gone online and it's probably the best one yet.

Take six minutes out and watch this.

No joke, we'd happily watch a full one-hour-thirty minute film based around that character and this game.

Most likely, these animated shorts are probably being used as a sort-of testing ground for a future film. Blizzard, as we know, are getting into the film business with Warcraft headed for cinemas later this year.

It's entirely possible we could see an animated Overwatch film in the near future.


Via YouTube