One of the games we're most excited about in the next few months is the superb-looking Alien: Isolation.

Set in the world of the original movie, the game looks like a retro version of the future (if that makes any sense), but it differs from your average game in that it's not going to be a shoot-em-up, blood and guts with lots of explosions type of adventure. 

The idea behind the game is that they want you to experience the fear that audiences felt when first watching Alien back in the day, and rather than mindlessly killing a load of clones, you'll be pursued around the abandoned Nostromo by one creature, with pretty much no weapons, no clue, and no changes of underwear. That's what makes it terrifying, and we can't wait to play it.

We've seen a few trailers already, but once again the visuals and the atmosphere of this game look like they're going to make it stand out from the crowd when it gets released on October 7th.

Via Shortlist Magazine