One of the most terrifying and scary games ever made, Resident Evil is getting a shiny new HD remastered edition early next year, and the first trailer is here. 

Suffice to say that when we first played this game way back in the day, we though we could handle it in the dark sitting down. We were wrong. We had to stand up because we were constantly on edge, we needed to turn on all the lights, and we had to make sure that there was someone there who would hold our hand during the really scary bits. 

With the new HD remake of what is undoubtedly a classic game, the folks at Capcom are hoping to elicit the same reaction of "sheer terror" from a generation of gamers who might not have experienced that before, and judging by the trailer, they're on course to have us cowering in the corner like children all over again. 

So. Many. Zombies.

Via Kotaku