The most exciting time of the year for gamers, E3 is currently underway in Los Angeles and a whole host of new game trailers have been released to get us all foaming at the mouth. 

Here are our favorite game trailers from the event, including Resident Evil 7, God of War, and a new game from creative genius Hideo Kojima.


Batman Arkham VR

Mark Hamill's Joker narrates this trailer which reveals very little of the plot or the gameplay. We do now know that the game will be a murder mystery that that will focus on Batman's detective skills and is exclusive to PlayStation VR.


Resident Evil VII

The first entry of the series to come to Playstation VR sees cockroaches crawl on your hand and it all gets worse from there. Creepiness is favoured over gore in this trailer and it's very effective.



Sony may be sharing the movie rights to Spider-Man but the gaming rights are all theirs. With Spider-Man: Homecoming set to arrive on our screens in 2017, what better time to develop a new game? Judging from the trailer though, the game will not have any affiliation with the new movie (so not Tom Holland). Whether or not this Peter Parker will be in High School or not remains to be seen but he does sound older than your regular high school kid. The gameplay from the trailer certainly looks pretty and it's always fun to have free roam of New York city as the webslinger so we're excited to see more of this one. 


Death Stranding

We're not really sure what to make of this trailer. It's by far one of the weirdest game trailers we've ever seen and the finished game is likely to be equally as strange but considering this one is coming from Hideo Kojima expect something spectacular.
Days Gone

Days Gone looks impressive but the parallels to The Last of Us are hard to overcome. Hardened male central character trying to get through a post apocalyptic world that's infested with zombies? It's a little too familiar if you ask us. But there are motorcycles...


Detroit Become Human

Terrible title aside, this one looks interesting. You play as an android named Conor, sent in to a hostage situation to try and convince another android to let a little girl go. All of your actions have consequences and play a part in determining the story's conclusion. 


Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 gets a Christmas themed trailer which sees Frank West play around on his phone, sending goofy tweets and then going on a zombie killing rampage. There's also a variety of weird and wacky weapons on display which players will be able to use to mow down zombies.


God of War

The gameplay trailer sees Kratos and his son go on a hunting mission that ends up involving hunting deer and taking down a slew of enemies. There's not much to learn in terms of story but this trailer has very excited. 



One of the most revolutionary new features in the history of the series is set to be introduced in FIFA 17. 'The Journey' sees you play as youth academy prospect Alex Hunter and bring him through the ranks to play for the club of your choice.


Battlefield 1

We'd already seen the ace reveal trailer, now we have the first gameplay trailer and it does not disappoint. Listen out for the Irish accent amongst the chaos.