At least we think it's Sean Bean.

It sounds very, very, very like Sean Bean so we're saying Sean Bean. Civilization is one of those franchises that's been around for years and will continue to be around for years as long as people enjoy intelligent, strategic gaming. It's highly involved, it's gorgeously made and it doesn't rely on explosions and quick-time events in order to keep you hooked in.

Seriously, the amount of hours we sank into Civilization II down through the years is appalling. There was, of course, that famous game that did the rounds a while back about the player who had kept his game going for over ten years and effectively worked himself into a stalemate. Just Google 'The Eternal War' and you'll know what we're talking about.

Anyway, Civilization has moved on since then with the announcement trailer landing online for its sixth offering since launching back in 1995. The early details on Civ 6 are that the game will be rebuilt from the ground up and that there's a huge amount involved with advancing your cities and the tactics of the game.

There's also a lot of support for mods, something that developers Firaxis have said that they're keen to support and work around with as much as possible.

Right, that's enough filler. Check the trailer and keep your eyes peeled to October 21st of this year for the release.