One of the most popular game modes in FIFA is the Ultimate Team mode, and if you get the game on Xbox, you'll get your hands on a whole squad of exclusive legends. 

This year, the list has been expanded to include a few more greats of the game, and our very own Roy Keane is amongst them, as one of the finest players that the country has ever produced. 

The announcement came yesterday at Gamescom, and Keane will be joined by other legends such as Carlos Valderrama, Jay Jay Okocha, Roberto Carlos and a host of others, meaning that it's your patriotic duty to get your hands on this team, of course.

The legends list in full is below:

The trailer shows Keane pulling off one of his trademark bone-crunching tackles, of course, which is what we look forward to doing once we get our hands on this team of some of the best the game has ever seen.