There's no doubting that football is an emotional game, and in this year's FIFA, the folks at EA Sports are hoping to capture some of that for the first time. 

Whether it's the fans in the stadium losing the plot over a last-minute winner, or players losing their cool on the big occasion, there's plenty of emotion that helps to determine the outcome of a football match. In this year's edition of one of the biggest football franchises, EA Sports FIFA 15, they'll be looking to capture all those sensations and more as they showcase some new gameplay features. 

With the power of the new consoles, there are plenty more animations that can be programmed in, and with that in mind the producers (lead by Nick Channon, who you can hear in this video) have put nearly 600 new reactions in so that players can more accurately respond to scoring a goal, getting hit with a bad tackle or making a perfectly-timed challenge to win the ball. 

As usual, the game will have a whole host of new features when it's released (slated for September at the moment), and you can read about them all over here.