It's hard to believe that Final Fantasy had - wait for it - FIFTEEN games since its beginnings in 1987.

It's been confirmed as SquareEnix's best-selling franchise and it's listed among the highest selling franchises in all of gaming history, so why shouldn't it stop? After all, players are still interested and if this trailer is anything to go by, it's still making games that are pushing the boundaries of what an RPG can be.

In fact, Final Fantasy XV even has a accompanying film with Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Aaron Paul adding their voices to it. Final Fantasy XV, however, doesn't have Jesse Pinkman, Cersei Lannister or Ned Stark attached to it and is much more complex than any of those.

Truth be told, we genuinely have no idea what's going in the story, but we're excited nonetheless. Take a look.

There's swords, there's incredible hairdos, there's cars that turn into flying jets. Of course it's Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV is slated for an initial release date of November 29th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.