Although Watch Dogs wasn't warmly received, it did go on to become a hugely popular game and did reasonably well during its run.

Sure, it didn't exactly live up to the expectations we heaped upon it, but there was an entertaining enough game to warrant your time and investment. So it goes that there's a sequel on the way and, on the run-up to E3, UbiSoft have released a cinematic trailer for Watch_Dogs 2.

Take a look.

There's nothing in the way of gameplay and this is clearly just a sizzle reel, but it does tell us that drones are going to play a much bigger role in the game.

Not only that, it looks like the hacking mechanic will be more advanced this time out. Not only that, the game also features the use of 3D-printed weapons (which we're thinking will translate to customised weapons) and the sprawling metropolis that is San Francisco.

So, thoughts? Look, as long as they don't rush this out to meet a deadline, we should be fine. Let's just hope that isn't the case because, as we all know, Watch_Dogs promised a lot and didn't exactly deliver.

Please, let this be good. PLEASE.