Although we weren't huge fans of Mafia or Mafia II, this new trailer for Mafia III has definitely piqued our interest.

Why didn't the previous ones do anything for us, you might be asking? Well, a lot of it was down to the fact that it struck as being genuinely repetitive in places and didn't have half the features of any other sandbox game like it. That being said, it did have an interesting story - but the gameplay surrounding it felt stilted and hemmed in.

Granted, this is just a Story trailer and doesn't really give a sense of what it'll be like, but it does give us a sense of what we're going to be at during the game - which is blowing away the Mafia in a New Orleans-esque environment.

That in itself is interesting because, as we know, most games either have you as fighting your way to the top of the Mafia or, well, the Mafia are just one faction in a larger story. Putting you head on against them is, to our mind, pretty unique.

Whether or not Mafia III will live up to the hype of this trailer is another story. The release date is October 7th, 2016 on XboxOne, PlayStation 4, Mac OS X and Windows 10.