Doom's unbridled commercial and critical success has, thankfully, kicked off a revitalisation of old-school first-person shooters.

However, one of the big complaints that surrounded Doom was that it had an ineffective multiplayer system. In fact, a lot of the early word on Doom was that it was going to fail because, well, the multiplayer demo everybody played was pants. The single-player campaign, as we found, was just fantastic and really sold the game for everyone.

Anyway, it looks like id Softworks and Bethesda haven't given up on bringing back old-school multiplayer FPS games. If anything, it looks like it's finally perfected it.

Take a look at this.

Even after so many years, Quake is still considered the hallmark of multiplayer shooters. Sure, you might have the likes of Battlefield taking up the mantle for a brief period, but it's always been Quake.

Let's hope this plays as good as it looks. Quake Champions is due for a 2018 release by the looks of it, as it's due to head into a closed beta in late 2017.

We'll be keeping an eye on this one.