One of the big complaints levelled against the first Battlefront was that it didn't come with any kind of single-player campaign or Story Mode.

In fact, John Boyega - as in, John Boyega of The Force Awakens - was pretty vocal about it and thought it was something they should rectify in the sequel. Well, as it turns out, EA obviously listens to John Boyega and everyone else because Battlefront II now comes with a single-player campaign.

You may have already seen Boyega out stumping for the new modes, but as well as this, one of the first cutscenes from the game was released earlier this week as well. The single-player campaign sees you take on the role of Iden Versio - an Imperial commando who witnesses the destruction of the second Death Star on Endor, and later becomes involved with the formation of the First Order.

This particular scene, pretty early in the game, shows exactly how the Emperor planned for his own death - and the hologram thing itself is kind of creepy.

Take a look. Battlefront II hits shelves here in Ireland on November 17th.


Via YouTube