As we're currently in the middle of getting to grips with No Man's Sky (we'll have the review up once we finish the game, lol), the idea of possibly bumping into Bill Bailey's crossed our mind.

For those in the dark, we'll explain. No Man's Sky is set in a universe that has 18 quintillion planets. That's twelve zeroes after 18. 18,000,000,000,000,000 planets. That you can land on and explore. Eighteen quintillion. So the chances of bumping into Bill Bailey on one of these planets is highly unlikely.

That is, of course, unless Bill Bailey is sitting next to you playing the game - in which case it's going to happen.

As it stands, No Man's Sky has had its first meeting of players - something creator Sean Murray wasn't expecting to happen at all, ever. Such is the exceptional popularity of the game that two players somehow managed to meet on a planet. The sad part? They couldn't see each other.

That might just be a launch day abnormality and something that'll be fixed in the next patch or something, but even if it is the case, who cares? No Man's Sky is supposed to be a single-player experience.

And who wants to play with Bill Bailey, anyway? He hasn't been funny since Black Books. Playing with Dylan Moran, now that would be cool.