Choice-based narrative games haven't always worked out as well they've initially promised.

L.A. Noire, for all its pomp, cutting-edge technology and impressive roster of actors, was more about the interrogations than anything else. However, it did a brisk business and set the standard for these types of games since then. However, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday looks like a particularly interesting take on the well-worn genre.

Set during the final days of Iran's Pahlavi dynasty and the rise of the Islamic Republic, you play a young photojournalist who's drawn into the violence and death on the streets of Tehran. The game sees you making life-or-death choices that have far-reaching implications for the rest of the story; whether to help someone, let them die, get involved with a certain faction - all of it.

Already, the game is proving somewhat controversial in its frank depiction of violence and the unusual setting - for a game, anyway - is definitely something.

Here's the gameplay trailer. The game is due for release on Steam for PC & Mac from April 5th and, with a bit of luck, we might see a console version at some point on the PlayStation 4 or XboxOne.