Ever wanted to really immerse yourself in the world of Game of Thrones and experience what Westeros is really like? Well now you can...sort of.

Thanks to the folks at Virtuix Omni, gaming might become a whole lot more immersive, as their set up allows users to explore the environment of their games with an omni-directional (see where they get the name) treadmill. Team it with a virtual reality helmet, and it's like you're in the game, which will be pretty amazing if you can afford both pieces for the ultimate games room. 

To showcase their device, they jumped on the Game of Thrones server in Minecraft where all of Westeros has been painstakingly recreated (and is roughly around the size of Los Angeles, apparently) and went exploring, even going beyond The Wall.

Yes, the video does contain the theme tune which you will now be humming all day and no, it's not our fault.

Via Mashable.com. Main pic via TheGeekiary.com