Quantum Break's going to be an interesting experience, to say the least.

Made by the same developers who did Alan Wake and Max Payne, the game's pitch is that it will blur the lines between a gameplay experience and a television experience. Essentially, what you do in the game effects what happens in the live-action television series. At the end of each 'episode' of the game, you're presented with a choice and that will then factor into what you see in the live-action episode.

Our guess is that it's something along the lines of an extended cutscene, but much more in depth than just that. Alan Wake made a real impact on how storytelling works in gaming, so there's obviously something similar here. Not only that, there's a pretty impressive cast lined up.

Our own Aiden Gillen plays Paul Serene, the game's main villain whilst Shawn Ashmore plays Jack Joyce, one of two characters you'll control in the game. Dominic Monaghan from Lost and Lord of the Rings also turns up as Jack's brother whist The Wire's Lance Reddick and a few others have supporting roles in there as well.

Quantum Break hits the shelves on April 5th on Xbox One and Windows 10. We'll hopefully a review live before then.