We all know that House of Cards' Frank Underwood played first-person shooters to blow off steam, but who knew US politicians were actually playing videogames?

In fact, one Congressman is currently under investigation for using his campaign funds to purchase games from Steam. Duncan Hunter, a Republican Congressman from California, is facing an FEC investigation that saw $1,302 from his credit card showing up on his end-of-year campaign finance disclosure sheet.

However, Hunter's spokesperson says that the Congressman's teenage son used his father's card to purchase one game and that several unauthorised charges were made before he tried to "close access to the website." The expense was listed as a personal one that was to be paid back, however the House Ethics Committee states that "(campaign) funds are to be used for bona fide campaign or political purposes only. Campaign funds are not to be used to enhance a member’s lifestyle, or to pay a member’s personal obligations."

Congressman Hunter has spoken out in defence of violent videogames, especially in the wake of mass shootings. The financial documents for which Hunter is being investigated for, however, do not list which games were bought.

Maybe it was micro-purchases or DLC? Those things really add when you put them altogether.


Via sandiegouniontribune.com