Tomorrow, Pokemon will celebrate 20 years since its inception and already, there's rumours in the air that Nintendo has something special planned.

Late last night, Nintendo registered two new trademarks for Pokemon: Sun and Pokemon: Moon, which indicates that there's either an announcement for the two games coming pretty soon. As well as this, two logos were also registered for trademarking that indicates that it's all pretty serious.

Pokemon Black and White 2 was released back in 2012, making the games one of the highest-selling release for the Nintendo DS. Both games topped out at a combined figure of 15.60 million units sold since their release. Surprisingly, Black and White 2 didn't outsell Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the GameBoy Advance, which sold 18 million units during its run.

As of writing, there's been no official confirmation from Nintendo about Pokemon Sun and Moon, however the word is that they'll be officially announced tomorrow.


UPDATE: 15:37

Well, it turns out that it's actually been announced today. Pokemon Sun & Moon for the Nintendo 3DS are expected in Holiday 2016, which we're thinking is Christmas 2016. Here's the launch trailer.