As part of the company's new Play at Home imitative, Sony has it will offer all PlayStation 4 users some free video games. The initiative is to encourage social distancing.

From 8 p.m. PDT today, 'Journey' and 'Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection' will be available as free digital downloads in almost every PlayStation Store around the globe.

Once you grab the games they're yours to keep forever. But you only have until 8 p.m. PDT on May 5 to claim them.

That's four free games up for grabs in total. 'The Nathan Drake Collection' includes the first three games in the 'Uncharted' series: 'Uncharted: Drake's Fortune', 'Uncharted 2: Among Thieves', and 'Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception'.

They're all older titles but still pretty well-regarded.

'Journey' first hit shelves in 2012 to rave reviews. It can be played in single player or multiplayer, thought you need a PlayStation Plus subscription for the latter.

The 'Uncharted' collection is a treasure-hunting game that recalls 'Indiana Jones'. A movie adaptation of it starring Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland is in the works.

Each game takes around 10 hours to complete. That comes to approximately 30 hours of free entertainment.

Sony also announced that it has set aside $10 million to support independent game developers. This forms a second part of its Play at Home initiative.