In a short statement earlier today, Lucasfilm Games announced that Ubisoft are beginning work on an open-world, roleplaying game set in the 'Star Wars' universe.

The move by Lucasfilm Games comes as EA's exclusivity with the vaunted IP comes to an end after eight turbulent years. In a feature by Wired, it revealed that while EA will continue to make games that are set in the 'Star Wars' universe, it will no longer be the sole developer handling it.

Indeed, it seems like Lucasfilm Games is casting the net far and wide, with Bethesda and Machine Games announcing just yesterday that a game featuring Indiana Jones is currently in development. No further details were announced regarding release date, however it's understood the game will be an original story featuring the archaeologist in his prime.

Already, there's been a flurry of rumours about Ubisoft's open-world game, with some speculating that it will be set in the High Republic era, a new publishing endeavour of novels, comic books, and an upcoming Disney+ series. As well as this, the game is being developed by Ubisoft Massive, who previously developed 'The Division 2' and were also said to be developing a game based on James Cameron's 'Avatar'.