Two cheat codes for the 1994 SNES game 'Super Punch-Out!!' has been discovered by an intrepid fan.

Twitter account Unlisted Cheats brought the cheat codes to the world's attention, unearthing a 28-year-old mystery in the process.

'Super Punch-Out!' was released the same year Ireland had a heroic run in the 1994 World Cup in the States and 'Pulp Fiction' tore up cinemas, which makes it all the more incredible that the cheat code has been hiding in plain sight until now.

The first cheat offers access to a free single match with any fighter in the game, and the cheat can be accessed by holding Y+R on a controller plugged into the player two slot, then pressing start on the player one controller.

The second cheat is more exciting, allowing you to play as one of the 16 characters in the game, meaning yes, you can finally take control of Bald Bull.

To access the two-player mode, you'll need to enter the free match mode screen; select a fighter, and when it goes to the character info screen, holding B+Y on the player two controller while pressing start on player one. You should be able to control the second fighter from that point onward.

The cheat codes were in all likelihood put in there for development testing purposes and were not supposed to be discovered by the general public, which makes it all the more amazing someone actually went and found them.

Per IGN, the codes are confirmed to work on the Nintendo Switch Online version of the game.

The 'Punch-Out' games were hits for Nintendo consoles, with the series receiving a revival in 2009 on the Nintendo Wii, with the franchise remaining dormant since.

Characters from the franchise appear in hit fighting game 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' as spirits, meaning that someone at Nintendo has done their homework on classic fighting games.